06 December 2021

Time for UK firms to ramp up pro bono

Time for UK firms to ramp up pro bono


LSLA Committee member, John Rogerson's call to arms article on pro bono article published in the Law Society Gazette (page 24).

Despite - or perhaps in response to - the challenges of the pandemic, law firms in London are doing more pro bono work than ever. With the 20th annual Pro Bono Week behind us, the London Solicitors Litigation Association commends London's legal professionals on the innovative ways they have adapted their pro bono efforts to overcome the challenges of Covid-19. 

As the pandemic approaches the end of its second year, the LSLA calls for UK law firms with pro bono schemes to redouble their pro bono efforts in support of the Covid-19 recovery response. 

We cannot rest on our laurels: we have all seen the increased inequality caused by the pandemic and there is a great deal that lawyers in London and our members can do to ensure justice is accessible for the widest and most disadvantaged groups.  We have seen some truly excellent pro bono initiatives come out of the pandemic. All firms should look to these when considering the questions: What more can we be doing on pro bono? What sorts of initiatives should we be exploring? Read more >>